VEO 2 PH-38 3-Way Pan Head Rated at 6kg/13.2lbs

VEO 2 PH-38 3-Way Pan Head Rated at 6kg/13.2lbs

Item: VEO 2 PH-38

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Vanguard VEO 2 PH-38 is a Patent Pending 3-Way Pan Head ideal for Photo and Video shooting, that can cope with a 6kg/13.2lbs maximum load capacity

  • Patent Pending VEO 2 PH-38 3-Way Pan Head with dual use for photo & video
  • Two telescopic handles for ultimate compactness and precise adjustment
  • Convert between a “3-way” and “2-way” pan head in seconds
  • 4 sided square quick shoe (QS-65) facilitates rapid and effortless camera positioning on-the-go
  • Ergonomically designed for left and right handed users
  • Lateral Tilt -90°~60° & Frontal Tilt -90°~30°
  • Bubble level
  • Supports up to 6kg/13.2lbs

The Patent Pending VEO 2 PH-38 3-Way Pan Head was created for photographers shooting video as well as stills, and meets requirements for a new level of versatility.  This head is unique in that it is ideal for Photo and Video users who need individual and precise control of each of the 3 movement axes, and it is guaranteed to provide the stability, durability and reliability needed when it comes to performing blur-free photography and cinematography. 

The VEO 2 PH-38 is made of lightweight aluminum alloy and features two telescopic handles that are ergonomically designed for left and right handed users.  It can be used as a traditional 3-way pan-head for precise photography movements, but can be brought together for video to become a “2-way” pan head in seconds. 

This head comes with Vanguard’s QS-65 quick shoe, which offers ultimate connection freedom in any direction, simply and quickly. If needed other Vanguard Arca Swiss compatible quick-shoes can also be used with this head, such as the QS-60 or the QS-64.

With a pay load of up to 6kg/13.2lbs it is perfect for Mirrorless or small DSLR cameras. 


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Innovative VEO 2 PH-38 3-Way Pan-Head from VanguardPhotoUK on Vimeo.

Base Plate Diameter (mm) 58 58
Bubble Level 1 1
Frontal Tilt (180°) -30° ~ 90° -30° ~ 90°
Height (inches) 4.5 4.5
Item Weight (lbs) 1.36 1.36
Lateral Tilt (90°) -60° ~ 90° -60° ~ 90°
Length (inches) 8.8 8.8
Material Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy
Max. Load Weight (pounds) 13.2 13.2
Quick Shoe QS-65 QS-65
Swivel 360° 360°
Width (inches) 7.5 7.5