Finally - A Backpack for Spotting Scopes

Finally - A Backpack for Spotting Scopes

August 18, 2023

A spotting scope is perfect for birdwatchers to get as close as possible to the action. With up to 60x zoom on Vanguard spotting scopes, you can see details and behavior that can increase your appreciation of the beauty of nature.

The problem is that spotting scopes are generally heavy and bulky, and you need a big solid tripod to fit them to, let alone any personal gear that you want to carry.  This makes them difficult to transport, whether it’s a walk to your local park or a trek through more remote and rugged landscapes.

To get around this, Vanguard has introduced the VEO Active Birder 56 backpack, available in green (KG) or gray (GY).

VEO Active Birder 56

This backpack incorporates the trekking credentials that have made the VEO Active Series a success, but instead of being designed for camera kits, they have been redesigned to include a spotting scope holder in the main 32-liter compartment. There is a padded tube (5.25" x 4.7") so you can slot in your spotting scope, with an elasticated loop that secures the eyepiece. You can then fit in a wealth of other gear to make the most of your trip.

You can also carry a full-sized spotting scope tripod, such as the VEO 3 263CO, using the tripod straps provided. These allow the tripod to be fitted centrally for the best balance and maximum comfort over longer distances. Alternatively, you can fit a smaller tripod, such as the VEO 3 GO 235CP travel tripod, in the side pocket, leaving the main tripod straps free for other stuff, such as a tent, sleeping bag, or even a folding chair.

Above the main compartment is a 15-liter daypack section, and there are multiple pockets and pouches for more items, including a hidden pocket for a wallet or passport, a 16” laptop compartment, a water bottle pouch, and even an accessories pouch. You definitely won’t be short of storage space.

With all that gear to carry over challenging terrain, the harness system is key, and the VEO Active Birder 56 backpack doesn’t disappoint.

VEO Active Birder 56 is designed for comfort

For maximum comfort, the VEO Active Series incorporates an aluminum-alloy frame to increase the level of protection to your gear and stiffen the rear of the backpack. It then has a well-padded back panel that includes padding for the lower back and the shoulders, and an air-flow system to help you stay cool.

The shoulder straps are also padded with a non-slip lining and a chest strap to ensure they don’t slip. With multiple adjustment points, they can be tailored to deliver the most comfortable position for you.

The waist belt is also well-padded to spread the pressure comfortably around the waist, and for those who prefer not to use a waist strap, it is removable.

In addition to maximizing comfort, the straps add even more storage, including a strap that can be slotted through the belt loop of your binocular pouch, allowing you to keep your optics close at hand for any sightings as you travel to/from your destination.

The outdoor credentials of the VEO Active Birder 56 backpack are not only about the ergonomics of the harness.

VEO Active Birder 56 is packed with features to make your trek more comfortable

Staying fresh means access to liquids and snacks, and the VEO Active Series incorporates a waterproof pouch for a 2-liter hydration pouch on the side. In addition, there are multiple easy-access expandable pockets on the shoulder and waist straps for snacks or water bottles.

Clearly, map and compass navigation skills are key, but with the growing reliance on technology for navigation on smartphones, power can be critical. If your power goes as the light fades or the fog rolls in, you can be in serious trouble. The VEO Active Birder 56 backpack incorporates a built-in USB interface port that allows you to place the power bank of your choice safely in the backpack and connect it to your device with the appropriate cables (not included), so that it’s close to hand while it charges, and you keep on hiking.  

VEO Active Birder 56 is designed to withstand the elements

The bag also needs to be tough, and the VEO Active Birder 56 backpack doesn’t disappoint. Each model is constructed of tough nylon 840D Cordura, which is highly weather- and tear-resistant, with waterproof zips and quality herringbone and double reverse stitching. For wetter days, it also includes a rain cover.

So if you're looking for a handsome and capable backpack to carry a spotting scope with ease, and with the ability to keep your energy levels up, check out the VEO Active Birder 56 backpack.